Perhaps - A true love finding app

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Perhaps is a true love finding app. One of the quintessential features of our app is that we help bring together the people who feel this mutual affection for each other but are too shy to reveal their true feelings.


  • You can register on the app using your google or facebook account. After registering, you can login using the google or facebook account you used in previous step.
  • The first thing you see after logging in is the dashboard. There you can see your current counts. And the people that you have liked ( in the crushes list ) and that matches that you have got ( in the matches list ).
  • You can search for people using the fab button in the bottom right corner of your dashboard. You can search for a person using their name, hometown or college/work. In the same place, you can also view a random assortment of people available for like. You will get a notification everytime someone likes you but that person’s identity will not be revealed to you.
  • You will also get a notification in the event of an match and that person is added to your matched list.

The backend is done by Pranav


  • Android
  • Retrofit with Rx
  • Node Js- Express Framework
  • MLab (NoSQL database)

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